When Teeth Become Cracked or Broken

There are countless ways that teeth become damaged. Maybe you’ve suffered a traumatic fall or sports injury, or suppose you chewed ice or hard candy when you noticed that your tooth chipped away. Whatever the case, when you realize that your tooth is damaged, you’re likely to panic. Yet, do not worry. There are options when to repair broken teeth.

Ways to Repair Broken or Cracked Teeth:

1. Bonding

Dental Composite Bonding is one method to repair broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. This process involves placing a putty-like substance on the tooth and sculpting it. Once dried, the material is shaped and polished to match the tooth’s natural color.

2. Veneers

As a cosmetic option to repair broken or cracked teeth, a Veneer is a cover for the front of a tooth. Veneers can be bonded to one or several teeth, as needed, and provide an attractive and realistic result.

3. Crowns

To repair broken teeth, a Crown is a commonly used as a restorative treatment. Crowns cover and protect teeth in the form of a “cap.” Customized for each patient, Crowns are sometimes comprised of porcelain to create a natural look.

4. Root Canals

When a crack in the tooth stretches towards the root or pulp, Dr. Singla may recommend a Root Canal treatment to repair broken teeth. A Root Canal removes any decay present in the tooth’s canal, as well as the tooth’s root.

If your tooth has been damaged and you are experiencing a toothache, sensitivity, or swelling, it’s imperative to see your dentist right away. These are signs that you may need a Root Canal, and only a dental professional can tell you for sure.

5. Dental Implants

When damage to a tooth extends below the gum-line, there’s a good chance that the tooth will have to be removed, or extracted. While this may be disappointing, the good news is that a Dental Implant can be used to replace the missing tooth. An implant serves as the tooth’s new root and fits securely in the jawbone.

Cracked or broken teeth can occur for many reasons, and advancements in restorative and cosmetic dentistry have enabled dentists to successfully repair broken teeth.

If you suspect that your tooth is damaged, call Singla Dental today to repair your broken or cracked teeth. Even if you are not in pain, it’s important to let us know what happened. We are dedicated to helping you avoid infection and keep your natural teeth. Yet, if your damage is severe, you can be sure that we have options to repair broken or cracked teeth and restore your confidence once again.

Posted on behalf of Singla Dental