Three Easy Ways to Relieve your Teeth Grinding

Like many Americans, you may wake-up with pain in your jaw or a headache. This could be the result of an unconscious habit of teeth grinding or clenching, also called Bruxism. Not only can Bruxism be painful, but it may also destroy parts of your tooth, bone, or gum tissue. Teeth can become painful, loose, and in extreme cases, you may grind away the tooth structure. Additionally, grinding or clenching your teeth can impair the jaw joint causing temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ).

Signs and Symptoms

Basic symptoms of Bruxism are a sore head, neck, jaw, or face. Another sign is loud teeth grinding while sleeping. Dr. Singla may also notice Bruxism during a check-up appointment if the teeth are worn or have fractured enamel. The best way to find out if you have Bruxism is to call Singla Dental and book an appointment today.

Teeth Grinding

Treating Bruxism

After you and Dr. Singla have determined that Bruxism is the source of your pain, he may suggest the following three at-home treatments to relieve your discomfort.

1. Examine your Bite.

First, Dr. Singla will check for an abnormal bite in which the top and bottom teeth do not fit together. You can even your bite through fillings, crowns, or orthodontics.

2. Wear a Sleeping Cover.

The next option is wearing a customized appliance while sleeping. This mouthpiece covers the top teeth to prevent them from rubbing against the bottom teeth. This method will manage the pain during sleep, but it will not eliminate Bruxism.

3. Relax your Body.

The last way to relieve Bruxism is through relaxation. Catastrophes, major life changes, and everyday stresses are the three main stressors that can cause you to clench or grind. Relaxing your body can relieve Bruxism and improve your overall health. Find an activity that makes you calm such as, reading, listening to music, watching a movie, going for a nature walk, or taking a bath. You can also place a warm, wet towel on the sore areas along your jaw to relax the muscles.

Bruxism can range from slight discomfort to the deterioration of teeth or even severe jaw pain. At any stage in the process, it is important to book an appointment with Dr. Singla to find the source of your pain. For more information, call Singla Dental at (962)-289-7140.