How To Prevent A Tooth From Falling Out

Whether it was a recent football game, a car accident, or a fall, a tooth injury may require immediate action to repair the damage. In young children, the most common tooth injuries are a result of learning to walk. On the other hand, teens and adults can damage their teeth during sports and rough activities. Regardless or the way the tooth is injured, the point to remember is to repair the injury to prevent further damage. Preventing a tooth from falling-out is our priority. However, saving a missing tooth is an option at Singla Dental if you visit us in Duncanville, Texas within the hour. Below are a few ways to prevent a tooth injury.

Sport Injuries 

Sports injuries can be prevented by wearing a mouthguard. During the game, your teeth will be protected from inevitable hits and blows. Some teens are reluctant to wear a mouthguard; however, it could save your tooth during a fall or injury. Additionally, wearing a face cage or a helmet can protect your teeth, mouth, and gums. Your gums are just as important as your teeth. In some cases, they are more important. Gums house essential parts like, blood vessels, that maintain your oral health. 

saving missing tooth, preventing missing tooth

Good Oral Hygiene

You can also lose a tooth through poor oral hygiene–simply, brushing and flossing less than recommended. When you don’t brush your teeth, you leave harmful bacteria on the gums and the tooth. This build-up can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Over time, the surrounding gums and underlying bone become damaged, which causes the tooth to fall out! Once a tooth falls out, it is difficult to save a missing tooth by reattaching it. The best advice is to keep your mouth healthy with a good oral hygiene. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Either smoke or smokeless tobacco can put your teeth at risk for tooth loss. When nicotine from tobacco products lay on your gums, it can increase tooth decay. Just like the effect of bad oral hygiene, increased tooth decay can damage the gums and lead to bone loss. If you smoke or use smokeless tobacco we recommend that you quit today to protect your health and your teeth! 

Saving a Missing Tooth

However, if you lose a tooth, even with these precautionary measures, there is a way to reimplant your dislodged tooth. Saving a missing tooth is hard, but it can be done. After an injury, the first tip is do not panic. If the tooth can be placed back into the socket, rinse it off and hold it in place until you reach Dr. Singla at Singla Dental. This increases the chance of saving the missing tooth. If the tooth does not fit, place it milk until you reach Singla Dental. Remember, for the best results, arrive at Singla Dental within the hour. Saving a missing tooth should be a last resort. Follow these preventative measures to avoid a missing tooth. 

Protecting your teeth from injury can prevent the need for implants, crowns, and other dental prosthetics. Remember, during sports, always wear a mouthguard, face cage, or helmet. If you do injure your tooth, visit Dr. Singla at Singla Dental right away! For more information about protecting your teeth from injury, call (972)-298-4677, today.