How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

When a tooth has broken, cracked or chipped, you may need to have a dental crown placed. Crowns not only help to protect the underlying tooth from further damage, but they are essential in regaining oral health and function to one particular side of the mouth. Crowns can be made of porcelain, ceramic and some may even be lined with metal to improve stability and durability.

When Might a Crown Be Necessary?
Most often, a crown is needed if a tooth has broken or cracked. A tooth that has a large filling in it may eventually crack, leading to the need for a crown. If you had a root canal on one or more of your teeth, they may eventually break and need to be crowned. To determine if a crown is necessary, it’s important to have an exam as well as dental x-rays that can look for problems before they’re allowed to get worse.

How Long Will a Dental Crown Last?
On average, you can expect your dental crown to last anywhere from seven to fifteen years. It’s not uncommon to have a crown last longer than a decade with some patients having crowns that last for twenty or more years. Certain things will have an impact on how long your crown lasts. People who grind their teeth or who have poor oral hygiene habits may find that their crowns don’t last as long as other patients’.

How to Maintain Your Dental Crown
The best way to maintain your dental crown is to keep up with routine dental checkups. The checkup helps to spot signs of a loose, broken, cracked or fractured crown as well as any decay that is underneath the crown that might go unnoticed. You should be taking good care of your teeth with daily brushing and flossing so that the crown is kept as clean as possible. It is important to avoid grinding your teeth and to reach out for help if you suffer from bruxism, or persistent tooth grinding.

Crowns can provide you with years and even decades of beautiful wear so that you can have a full and beautiful smile. Proper care and hygiene can help in maintaining your crown and keeping it looking its best. A crown that needs to be replaced can be easily done in-office as needed to ensure your smile is always bright and full.