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Tooth ache and home remedies

Home Remedies for Toothaches

Are you having trouble with a continuous toothache? This type of pain can interfere with your day to day tasks and overall mood. The good news is that there are some at home remedies you can implement to alleviate the pain if your toothache is mild.

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Tooth Grinding Dental Care Against Bruxism

Tooth Grinding: Dental Care Against Bruxism

For some time now, you have noticed that when you wake up, your jaw is sore and hurts painfully. You do not care about it, and you think that it is surely the only passenger. It’s only during your visit to the dentist that the diagnosis falls: you grit your teeth while you sleep! Also called “bruxism,” the grinding of teeth is a common condition, but must be controlled to prevent damage to your teeth and your temporomandibular joint.

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