Dental Bridges

If you are embarrassed to smile due to the “snaggle-tooth” look of missing teeth, then you should consult with Dr. Rupesh Singla at Singla Dental regarding cosmetic dentistry. You may be a good candidate for dental bridge work. Your smile suffers when the gaps caused by missing teeth occur in your smile area. Those gaps may not affect your smile when they occur between back teeth, but they do affect your ability to chew your food properly.

Missing teeth cause a variety of problems in addition to spoiling your appearance. Your facial muscles are supported by your teeth. When teeth are missing, your face assumes a sunken look. The more teeth you have missing, the more your face seems to sag. This can make you look years beyond your actual age.

The teeth next to the vacant area also go through changes over time. They can rotate out of alignment, shift or lean into the vacant space. The slow movement of these teeth can cause other teeth to slowly move out of position also causing small gaps between teeth. These tiny gaps can become food traps where bacteria begin to build up creating a ripe environment for dental decay and gum disease. Spaces between back teeth make chewing certain foods more difficult because you are missing the proper surface area for chewing. Consequently foods are not properly broken down into the small bits that make digestion easier. Your body has a more difficult time absorbing all the nutrients from the foods you ingest.

Dental Bridges Lead to a Healthier Smile

The obvious reason to consider dental bridgework is to enhance your smile. With the space between teeth eliminated by natural looking teeth, your smile is restored giving you a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. The less obvious reasons have to do with your oral health. Bridgework adds stability to existing teeth. It protects the alignment of your teeth and provides the needed surface area for chewing your food properly. Not only will you look better as missing teeth are restored, you will also feel better since you can eat the healthy foods required for your body’s top conditioning.

At Singla Dental, your oral health is our primary concern. Contact our office today to schedule a consult with Dr. Singla regarding the possibility of restoring your smile and optimum oral health through bridge work to close the windows left by missing teeth.

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