Composite Fillings

Cavities that form along the gum line or between your anterior teeth can be unsightly in addition to threatening your oral health. Getting them taken care of promptly with cosmetic dentistry is important. At Singla Dental, we use composite fillings to restore the original beauty of your teeth. Composite fillings blend so well with your tooth structure it is difficult to tell where the filling is. These fillings look and feel like your natural tooth and are well suited for cavities or repairs to dental enamel in teeth that show when you smile.

For decades composite resins have been used for fillings in anterior teeth. Advancements in dental technology have increased their durability and strength. Though amalgam is still usually the choice for molars because of its longevity and ability to withstand tremendous pressure, composite resin fillings are sometimes used on surfaces that can be seen when you smile. If these are not areas that undergo a lot of pressure, composite fillings may be used.

What is a Composite Resin?

Glass or ceramic and plastic are the main ingredients of composite resins. There are many kinds of composite resins that are used in the dental industry and each one has its advantages for particular applications. Some of these resins are hardened with a special light. When a light is used, the material is placed in the space to be filled one layer at a time. With each layer the light is applied to harden the material. This ensures a strong, durable filling. The light causes a reaction in the resin materials that cause it to harden. Other resins do not need a light.

Composite resins match the original tooth color and are smoothed then polished so that they look and feel just like your normal tooth. Teeth filled with composite resins add sparkle to your smile and that brightens your outlook on everything.

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