It would be a wonderful thing to live a full life with all your natural teeth intact for the duration of your years. Some people are actually that fortunate. Many are not. If you find yourself being one of those who have missing teeth, you have options. At Singla Dental, we practice restorative dentistry, which means that we replace missing teeth to get you back on the road to your best oral health as well as your best smile. One of the options for restoring missing teeth in addition to bridge work and implants is dentures.

Missing teeth cause a variety of problems in the long run including lowered self-esteem and confidence. Your overall wellbeing can be negatively impacted by the psychological effects as well as the physical effects caused by missing teeth. An easy remedy to these issues is replacing missing teeth with dentures. Removable and easy to maintain, dentures provide you with a nice smile again and complete chewing surfaces so that you can chew your food properly for easy digestion and optimal uptake of nutrients.

Full & Complete Dentures

If you are missing all your teeth on the top and bottom jaws you are at risk for chronic kidney disease. A full set of dentures will curb the risk, give you a great smile and allow you to eat all your favorite foods again. When all your teeth are missing, your face has a sunken in, collapsed look. The facial muscles need the support of teeth in order to do their job and keep you looking young. A full set of dentures will do just that helping you to look younger and keeping you healthier.

Partial Dentures

When just a few teeth are missing, you may benefit from partial dentures. These appliances replace only the missing teeth and are structured to fit around existing teeth. When bridgework is not possible or not the best choice, partial dentures may fit the bill. They can provide stability for your remaining teeth while adding the support to your cheeks and lips that you need to look your best.

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