Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants have been used for years in restorative dentistry and they are known to have a very high success rate. Even with such a good track record, there are times when implants need work or repair. Replacement or repairs may need to be done on older implants. The implants used today have increased functionality and they are more aesthetically appealing than their predecessors. The advancements in dental technology and evolution of dental materials have increased the desirability and durability of current implants.

You may not know that your dental implant is in need of repairs. That is why it is important that you keep up with your regular dental visits. During your exam, Dr. Singla can make sure that your implant is working as it should and if he discovers a problem he will advise you on your options for correcting it.

Implant Repairs

When one of your natural teeth has a problem, it signals your brain that something is wrong. Dental implants cannot do that. It takes the knowledge and expertise of a dentist experienced in caring for implants to know when there is an issue unless it is something obvious like a broken crown. If you experience anything that lets you know there is a problem with your implant do not hesitate to make a call to Dr. Singla. Any damage to your implant should be handled right away.

Other complications can occur with implants that are not so obvious. This makes regular dental visits critical. During your checkup Dr. Singla can examine the implant and surrounding soft tissues for any telltale signs of problems. He knows what healthy tissues should look like and what the area may look like if an issue is brewing. Contact us today for an appointment to be sure to keep up with your scheduled dental visits. Your implant is an investment in your oral health. Protect your investment with excellent oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.

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